That day was full of shocks, – big shocks.

    But I hardly suspected the news Ed would come out with…


    At first I could not believe it; there was but one
    pattern—the ‘sudden’ appearance of civilizations
    worldwide. Five coincidences, or one pattern; call it
    what you like.

    1. There was Egypt. In the 3rd millenniumn B.C. Egypt
    sprang into existence suddenly, fully developed—that is,
    without transition from a primitive state, with a
    fantastic ready-made high society.

    In the remotest period of which there are records, Egypt
    shows a level of civilization which is inexplicable. It
    sounds crazy I know, but it’s a fact!

    2. Take a look at Sumeria. The appearance around the same
    time as Egypt of Sumerian civilization was likewise
    sudden, unexpected and out of nowhere.

    3. Then there was Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro. They were the
    key centers of the Indus Valley civilization. These also
    appear to have suddenly sprung up with no clear-cut
    traces of having evolved from primitive beginnings. Your
    third coincidence.

    4. And the Maya of Central America are in it, too. The
    Maya go back to approximately the same time. And at the
    outset of Mayan culture, their script was already perfect.

    Four very odd coincidences. But there’s one more.

    5. The megalith builders of northwest Europe appeared at
    precisely the same time. The achievements they
    demonstrated were identical, that is, the ‘simultaneous
    discovery of Pythagorean triangles, a precise calendar, a
    true compass-bearing for north, knowledge of the movement
    of celestial bodies (possibly including knowledge that
    the world was round) and a minutely accurate system of

    Well, what do you think? How was all this possible? So
    many instant civilizations.

    I took a map, encircled these suddenly appearing, ready-
    made cultures and stared at them.


    Was there any connection between them?

    I began to sift every available isolated piece of
    information. Over the next few months the search would

    lead through scores of countries.

    Something told me there was a connection, though I knew
    not where. As for a possible link between the "instant"
    civilizations, eight clues emerged.

    1. Symbols and hieroglyphics, identical worldwide, bore
    the marks of a common heritage. Everywhere the
    swastika, snake and sun combinations, as well as
    numerous specialized and intricate glyphs were
    repeated with no chance of coincidence.

    2. Likewise, similar systems of writing were in use—
    again all over the globe, even on isolated islands.
    This was striking.

    3. And languages had similarities. The older these
    were, the more they resembled each other.
    Practically all languages have connections through
    both vocabulary and construction. In almost every
    language are many words containing similar root
    words or combinations beyond what mere chance would
    allow. (Take, for instance, the names of the
    constellations. I found these were substantially the
    same whether in Mexico, Africa or Polynesia.)

    4. The calendars of Egypt and faraway Peru both had
    eighteen months of twenty days, with a five-day
    holiday at year’s end.

    5. I also took into account the great similarities in
    buildings, not only in construction but in
    astronomical alignment. Sphinxes in Egypt and
    Yucatan; pyramids on every continent and on remote
    islands; monoliths and stone circles also worldwide
    and often quarried elsewhere in the world. I was
    struck by similarity even as to original purpose.
    The Tower of Babel was built (according to Josephus,
    first-century Jewish historian) to provide shelter
    should another Deluge destroy the earth. And
    regarding the Toltec pyramids, the Mexican
    chronicler, Ixtlilxochitl, states: "After men had
    multiplied, they erected a very high ‘zacuali,’
    which is today a tower of great height, in order to
    take refuge in it should the second world be
    destroyed." Now I ask you, without a common source,
    why should the purpose be identical in Babylon and

    6. Customs again were similar, as in burial,
    mummification, circumcision, or in binding babies’
    heads to produce an elongated skull. (The Maya,
    Incas, Celts, Egyptians and Basques did this.)

    7. Forms of religious observance bore more striking

    8. Finally I added to the list worldwide traditions of
    early history. Traditions of a Garden of Delight, a
    Golden Age, a global Flood, one original language, a
    tower where sudden language confusion resulted in a
    dispersal—clearly these bore the marks of a common

    Of one thing I was certain. The origins of cultures that
    were so different and so widely dispersed could not
    wholly be explained by borrowing and imitation.

    The Russian poet Valeri Brussov seemed to express it

    "At the bases of the oldest cultures of mankind we must
    look for a single influence… We must look back beyond
    antiquity for an X, for a still unknown cultural world
    that set the engine we know in motion.

    “The Egyptians, the Babylonians, the Greeks and Romans
    were all our teachers, but who were our teachers’ teachers?”

    My attention was riveted. Here were several fully
    developed cultures, apparently related, suddenly
    appearing out of nowhere.

    Well, how does one deal with such a discovery? I must
    confess, my curiosity was exploding.

    One more search was imperative. This time I had to track
    down the common source of any footprints leading to these


    Fortunately, after four to five thousand years, there
    were prints still visible enough to read.

    The evidence fairly tumbled out.

    Language was the first clue. It was soon apparent that
    root words in almost every language had their origins in
    the Middle East.

    Written signs added to the evidence. A single system of
    signs used over an extensive area of the earth by the
    Stone-writers originated likewise in the Middle East.

    Anthropology provided another helpful clue. I discovered
    that the best reconstructions by anthropologists located
    man’s point of origin close to the center of the Europe-
    Asia-Africa land mass.

    Archaeological finds clinched it. Agriculture had spread
    all over the world from, where else, but the Middle East
    highlands. In every instance plants, shrubs and fruit-
    bearing trees basic to survival and advancement came out
    of the Middle East first. Botanical genetic studies
    confirm the archaeological finds and leave no doubt.

    There it was. Our beginnings were in the Middle East

    You ask, why did agriculture begin in the difficult arc
    of mountains and highlands? Doesn’t it make you wonder?
    Why was it not begun on the fertile, easily cultivated
    plains and valleys?

    That is a natural enough question. During my search I had
    found other scholars expressing surprise at this most odd

    My archaeologist friend Ed Savage said to me, “Well, have
    you considered a worldwide disaster? In fact, a worldwide

    "You don’t mean Noah’s Flood?" I snorted.

    "Just that," clipped Ed. "It does shed some light on

    "Jonathan, don’t you see? Survivors of such a Deluge (an
    event most scholars have overlooked) would still be in
    the mountains. The lowlands were not yet dry enough
    following the global Flood."

    "And did you know, biblical sources not only point to
    Ararat (Armenia) as the landing place of the Flood
    survivors, but state that they landed ‘in the

    Ed unfolded a world map; I elbowed over it on the table.
    He pointed out the pertinent areas.

    "Artifacts uncovered suggest that settled communities
    extended from the Americas in the west to Thailand in the
    east by 2000 B.C. And overlaying that is a proven pattern
    of high cultures from Spain to Pakistan."

    I stared, somewhat intrigued, at the map. Armenia, the
    dispersion point, lay almost precisely in the middle.

    (I would later discover that other researchers had
    reached a similar conclusion. As says Howells: "If we
    look, first of all, for that part of the world which was
    the hothouse of the races, we can make only one choice.
    All the visible footsteps lead away from Asia. ")

    "Ed," I asked, "could this perhaps be the key to your
    five coincidences?"

    "Oh, I hardly think so. How?"

    I recited to Edgar the succession of discoveries made
    since our last meeting.

    1. Each of the first civilizations appeared suddenly,
    already fully developed. (Ed’s find.)
    2. A connection existed between them.
    3. Their footprints led back to the Middle East

    The archaeologist thought a minute, eyes narrowed,
    working through all the angles.

    Gradually a smile formed on those weathered lips. "By
    gum, man, you’ve hit it! Only one thing could explain
    their high level of civilization. Those nations got their
    heritage basically from the world that was wiped out in
    the Deluge. They continued where the generation of the
    biblical Noah left off!"

    "Those Flood survivors must have carried sufficient
    knowledge of the antedeluvian era to give a rapid start
    to the new cultures that sprang up ‘out of nowhere’ soon

    He clicked his fingers. "And the timing. A few hundred
    years—all it needed. The oldest civilizations appear just
    long enough after the Deluge for a population density to
    support a culture."

    Of course we could hardly claim to be first. Sir Leonard
    Woolley notched up a similar observation years before:

    "It was confidently expected that the widely held view of
    a gradual development would be proved, but the whole
    evidence has been to the contrary; indeed, it has grown

    to such proportions where we contact the most ancient
    civilizations that we find the peak was reached soon
    after the flood."

    The sudden appearance of civilization is itself a
    memorial to history’s one great catastrophe. More
    importantly, the Flood is a historical event of
    tremendous testimonial importance to modern man.

    Our world conditions are similar – high technology,
    population explosion, corruption and violence. Is there a
    warning for us here?


    It goes without saying that the small group of bewildered
    survivors from the Deluge could hardly reproduce all of
    the aspects of the pre-Flood technology.

    Nevertheless they would have bequeathed to their
    migrating descendants the information of which they had
    personal or recorded knowledge.

    We know that the very earliest grains show genetic
    evidence of sophisticated manipulation; that is, they
    were already uniform and highly specialized immediately
    after the Flood.

    In an attempt to reconstruct the antedeluvian technology,
    the semblance of an integrated global civilization
    emerged in various parts of the world. Its achievements
    were astonishing; in some spheres, penetrating knowledge
    which our science has scarcely begun to nudge.

    Well, , you might already have that
    astonishing report on ancient mysteries, Dead Men’s
    Secrets …crammed full of surprises - more than 1,000 of

    Fiction couldn’t challenge your imagination more. And yet
    there it all is, fact after fact, story after story,
    about the lives and discoveries of a people thousands of
    years ago.

    Now naturally these exhibits will not be popular with
    some people. The majority of the scientific community has
    greeted them with deathly silence because of early
    indoctrination in evolution. It tries to ignore them for
    the sole reason that it cannot explain them.

    Yes, you can seize the advantage – and get information
    that will challenge your family and friends.

    Just log into

    Meanwhile, I wish you a wonderful week ahead.

    Until next time,
    Jonathan Gray


    Please email me your questions. I am here to help
    you with any questions on ancient mysteries. Just
    email me at


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