A sealed mausoleum (with a sarcophagus containing the body
    of a shapely and beautiful patrician girl), opened in April
    1485, contained at her feet a lighted lamp which had been
    burning for 1,500 years!

    The body was that of Cicero’s daughter, Tullia. She lay in
    an unknown, transparent, all-preserving fluid.

    When the preserver was removed, her lifelike form with red
    lips and dark hair was seen by 20,000 people. The lamp
    continued to burn for some time.

    This discovery is documented in my book Dead Men's Secrets,
    chapter 25.


    It happened at the beginning of September 1969 at the
    village of Rzhavchik Tisulskago in the Kemerovo region.

    During the stripping work at a coal mine in the core
    coal seam which lies at a depth of over 70 metres, miner
    Karnaukhov discovered a marble casket of amazingly
    accurate mechanical manufacture.

    At the command area Alexander Alexandrovich Masalygina
    ordered all work to be stopped immediately.


    The casket was brought to the surface and workers began
    to open it by pecking on the edges of the fossilized
    putty. Not so much from the blows, but from the effects
    of solar heat, the putty melted into a clear liquid and

    This was a shock to all who saw it. the coffin was
    filled to the brim with pink-blue crystal clear liquid.

    In it lay a slim, unusually beautiful woman — who looked
    about thirty, with a fine European features and large,
    wide-open blue eyes. Her covering was dark brown with a
    reddish tint to the waist. She had curls, and, resting
    at her sides, soft white hands with short, neatly cropped

    She was dressed in a white lace transparent dress length
    just below the knee. The short sleeves were embroidered
    with colourful flowers. Underwear was absent. It seemed
    that she was not dead, but sleeping. At her head was a
    black, rectangular metal box, rounded at one end
    (something like a cell phone), of approximately 25 to
    10 cm in size.

    After about ten to fifteen hours, the coffin was open
    for all to see. The whole village came to see this wonder.


    Almost immediately, the finding was reported in the
    district centre. The fire brigade, the military, and
    militia all confirmed the discovery. By 2 pm that day,
    a brick-red helicopter landed and the place was declared
    contagious and onlookers pushed away from the sepulchre.

    Then the authorities sealed off the place of discovery
    and quarantined all who touched the coffin, and even those
    who had been standing near, ostensibly for a medical

    The coffin was transferred into the helicopter, but the
    burden was too heavy, and they decided to make it easier
    by removing the liquid. After they pumping fluid out of
    the coffin, the corpse right in front of their eyes began
    to blacken.

    So then the liquid was again poured in, and the blackness
    rapidly disappeared. Then, after a minute, the cheeks
    blushed again, and the mortal remains of the corpse
    acquired lifelike appearance. The coffin was closed and
    another helicopter was brought in to transport the remnants
    of the land putty in cellophane bags. Then the witnesses
    were ordered to disperse. After that, the helicopter
    soared skyward and headed for Novosibirsk.


    Five days later, from Novosibirsk came an elderly professor
    to the village and reported on the preliminary results of
    laboratory findings. The professor said that this discovery
    would turn upside down their very understanding of history.
    When Soviet scientists published their findings, the
    scientific world would be plunged into shock.

    The age of the burial, according to the professor, was at
    least 800 million years old! The woman was older than the
    coal, having been buried as the coal formed around her
    coffin. Even by the evolutionary dating criteria, this
    refuted the Darwinian theory of evolution.

    To save the evolution theory, some suggested that she must
    be an alien, but genetic analysis of the woman's body
    showed a 100 — percent uniformity of the modern Russian
    man. Today, we are one to one are the same as were our
    ancestors 800 million years ago! No evolution!


    The level of civilization in the time of this woman was
    far more advanced than ours today, because the nature of
    the fabric from which her dress is made is not amenable
    to scientific analysis. Also, equipment by which to
    produce such material does not exist today.

    It has not been possible to identify the composition and
    pink-blue liquid, but only some of its components, which
    include varieties of onions and garlic.

    On the metal box, the professor said nothing, except that
    it was being studied.

    A couple of days after the professor left, the local
    newspaper published only a tiny note that was found near
    the village of Rzhavchik had been found an archaeological
    relic. The whole region was alive with the sensation, yet
    in the newspaper three lines!

    Indignation subsided when the Tisulsky area was suddenly
    surrounded by the military, and the police went from house
    to house, removing "seditious" members of the population,
    and the place where they found the tomb was carefully dug
    and filled up with earth.


    Yet, despite the efforts of the authorities, among the
    people in the village were found fighters for truth. One
    of the characters kept running around, trying to stir up
    interest. He even wrote a letter to the government Central
    Committee, but died within a year (according to the official
    version, from heart failure).

    When, during the same year one after another was killed in
    car crashes, all six of the original coffin witnesses were
    silenced forever.

    In 1973, when, according to the authorities, "all was quiet"
    on the shores and islands of Lake Berchikul six kilometers
    from the discovery site, all summer to late autumn large-scale
    excavations were conducted in secrecy.

    The site was surrounded by soldiers and police. But one guest
    worker who participated in the excavation and kept quiet for
    a long time, went to the shopping area, slightly drunk, and
    said that on the islands was discovered an ancient cemetery.

    Since then, village people have been to the dig site and
    reported that the brick-red helicopter was taking something,
    and on the islands and shores of Berchikulya are hundreds of
    carefully dug up and buried underground tombs.

    This fascinating discovery is documented in my e-book DEAD
    Men's Secrets Update. Here is where you can get it:

    And while I'm in a generous mood today, let me throw in two
    free bonus books for you as well?
    -1. Tunnel Mysteries
    -2. Discoveries: Miracles and Enemies

    Best wishes
    Jonathan Gray


    Please email me your questions. I am here to help you with any
    questions on ancient mysteries. Just email me at


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    including parts of the Amazon headwaters. The author has
    also led expeditions to the bottom of the sea and to remote
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  • One of the most pressing issues that has already emerged and one that is going to be a lot more problematic with the 5G (5th generation wireless technology) rollout is our environmental exposure to radio frequency and microwave radiation generated by wireless technology. This form of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) as well as extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields (ELF EMF) and intermediate frequencies (IF related to poor power quality) all have adverse biological effects. They have been shown to: (1) promote the growth of cancer (Havas 2017) and are classified by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) as class 2B carcinogens, possibly carcinogenic
    (2) adversely affect sperm and reproduction (Friesen 2015); and (3) generate a variety of symptoms that are collectively referred to as electrohypersensitivity (EHS) (Bevington 2010). The increase in chronic illness and the need for sleeping pills, pain killers, anti-depressant, and anti-anxiety medication is, in part, associated with increasing exposure to electromagnetic pollution. This information was first tabulated in 1972 (Glaser et al. 1972) by the U.S. Naval Medical Research Institute where they referenced more than 2000 studies and identified the key effects of exposure to microwave radiation. For more information about early studies refer to Zory’s Archives at Exposure to electrosmog and the biological effects is a complex issue that needs to be addressed by multiple sectors including but not limited to: (1) the private sector to support industries that design safer (no or low EMF/EMR) technologies; (2) government agencies that establish guidelines and that provide research funding. Especially important here are the health agencies that need to provide information on safer use of this technology. We need guidelines that are based on non-thermal bioeffects and that truly protect public health, especially the most vulnerable among us (pregnant women, infants, fetus, elderly, electrosensitives, etc.). The current FCC guideline is based only on a short-term heating effect and is outdated. (3) academia that need to do more research on the biological and health effects of this technology and that need to examine not only the physiological damage (which is considerable) but also the issues of addiction and the effects on plants, bees and wildlife including livestock. (4) industries that design and manufacture wireless devices and antennas and that are promoting the rollout of 5G and technology that relies on wireless telecommunication. This technology has not been tested for safety of long-term, chronic exposure, and municipalities are unable to restrict its deployment within their communities. (5) industries need to be supported that provide shielding technology and that build safer homes rather than “smart” homes with “smart meters” and “smart appliances” all of which contribute to microwaving the inhabitants. (6) NGOs that are actively trying to raise public awareness and are advocating for improved guidelines and standards. These groups include parents/teachers advocating for radiationfree schools; opt-out programs for smart meters with no financial penalty; safer distances from cell phone, radar and broadcast antennas near residential areas; elimination of ground current due to aging electric utility infrastructure and inappropriate measures to correct the problem; and ability to import low or no EMR emitting devices from Europe (like cordless phones and baby monitors that, in contrast to the devices available in North America, are not constantly emitting microwave radiation). Foundations for funding research in this area, which is virtually non-existent in the U.S. and Canada. Funding is also needed to educate the public and medical authorities. (8) Educational Institutions that are installing Wi-Fi in schools across the country, including elementary schools where computer use is minimal. This is occurring when earlier-adopter countries, like France, are now replacing Wi-Fi with fiber optics in schools as a more secure, faster, and healthier alternative. (9) Media to provide information from non-biased sources about the latest developments within the scientific field and not being curtailed in documenting how harmful this radiation is; (10) Medical Professionals who are working with people who have developed intolerance to this form of radiation (known as electrohypersensitivity (EHS) or idiopathic intolerance attributed to electromagnetic frequencies). These doctors and nurses need to be able to diagnose and treat people with this intolerance. In order to do this they require more information and some of this needs to be provided in medical schools. (11) Electric utilities that are responsible for the transmission and distribution of electric power as some of the issues are relate to low frequency electromagnetic fields and intermediate frequencies associated with poor power quality and ground current problems; (12) Farming Associations where ground current (also known as stray voltage) is interfering with the health and productivity of livestock and the health of farmers. (13) Manufacturers of electronic devices to ensure these devices do not generate poor power quality (high voltage frequency transients, HVFT) along wiring by installing internal frequency filters. These HFVT are known to adversely affect electronic equipment and human health. (14) Producers of Renewable Energy, especially wind and solar power, need to produce this energy without generating ground current or corrupting power lines with poor power quality (HVFT, as in 13 above). Both ground current and poor power quality have adverse biological effects.
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