The Dark Knight Society is here to honor those brave men who fought for God, for country, and their king. They fought during the crusades for 90 year they lasted till they fell all but a few remained. We are setting up a Canadian society to honor your ancestors who gave their life to protect the people and the things they loved. Even though they were french every race can join as long as you are a man of God honor the son and listen to the holy spirit. We will be recruiting people to join society.


This is preserving the history of great men who rose to protect the French crown back in the days. They fought in the crusades and did very well. Sadly, they died out giving their lives protecting their country. between the 11th - 12th century. Scott Bacheldor comes from the French Rose royal bloodline. Scott still has the ability and authority to knight people as we descendant of the Rose Royal bloodline. Even though it started as French this doesn't mean we can't give night hood to anyone who summits and willing to serve with the br