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 @pastor brian  MY COMMENT PART 1
your a so
oh sin is serious
no what you said is a sin .

i bet your trying to reform these individuals .

no no the m1n0r1ty will of them will change but vast bulk will not and does not change a fact they are deviant and t0x1c f0rcez .

an what is h0m0f0b1a a disdain of these wicked pe0

which they should distained they are wicked . who engage in most debased action and embrace and make themselves one with their sin how can you love the sinner and despise the sin if they one in same ? . their identity is sin and they will not change
so because there is exception it negates the rule ? .

THIS IS POISON OF l1bera1ize this destroys church as it allows sin into church and c0rrupt and destroys the church . because l1bera1ize denies the sin of garden , fall , total depravity , the purpose of creation , the need for reconciliation sanctification .

l1bera1ize is make yourself a god in rebellion against GOD and inequality between men .

the unsancitifed man

and church is to holy set part separate and enmity with world or it will become c0rrupted by the world .

this world and humanity is on path of destruction to face the judgment of GOd . Christ is means off that path and on to reconciliation with GOD and kingdom of

GRACE is exception JUSTICE IS LAW .

humanity is garbage and justice is the law and mercy exception . those who are saved are UNCONDITIONAL ELECTED before the world began and those who are rejected are unsanctifed and given over to own heart desire as like roman 1 .

i cannot tell who GOD will redeem from this group to Christ but i do know this he will ensure they are saved but the rest need to be crushed .

this is t0x1c c0rrosize force . should be imprisoned along with famenan1sm transmission po ep1e .

they need jail sentences

these are t0x1c f0rcez . that cannot be reasoned with but by crushing them . they cannot reform only crushing can restrain these t0x1c f0rcez of disorder and inequality and rebellion against GOD .
these are c0rrupt p0ep1e who make themselves gods and will wish to destroy order and equality they are in rebellion against GOD and inequality between men .

as the problem is not Africans but the problem was f0rcez of dev 1ancy that hid behind them and the African were exsploited . to give w00m0n rights , h0m0zexuals and transmission .

and if you do not crush them they destroy everything . they wish to make everybody as c0rrupt as they are so nobody calls out their sin , they destroy freedom of speech , they destroy family and s0c1ety . and desire to c0rrupt the church

they are t0x1c

this does not change and love of GOD in christ cannot reason with them and wraith of GOD cannot reason with them . only sanctification can and that is at GOD's sovrign good pleasure he does great if not he gives them over to reprobate mind rejected .

the doctrine of undonctional election , total depravity , santification .

the greatest threat to church is liberlaism .

it denying the LAW OF GOD and how we are keep his law and denies the need for grace . there is no compromise or cooperation with these poe
ple .

and violation of obedience and equality between men .

and that makes us gods and they c0rrupt us like them . that is how they get c0rrupted because they compromised and were no seperate and emm1ty with the world a
popeple set a part holy .

of they change good if not they can go burn

and you can go with them to perdiction if you want or to choose not to .

this is why i called you

because your going to c0rrupt the church that make you danger no better then the f0rcez of dev 1ancy .