The difference in leaders



The Canadian train wreck looking for a place to happen shows no indication of slowing. In fact, it appears to be strengthening with offers from the left to keep the Liberals in power should a minority government form.
Alberta will not survive another few years under the NWO supporting left.

While the topic of Alberta separation may be uncomfortable to some it appears a choice is going to need to be made soon.
Either you are going to be compelled to surrender the Alberta economy and culture to the left, ergo the UN or you are going to take a stand for your future and your following generation's future.

Thinking the new Alberta government is going to make all OK is to deny facts.
The constitution was written to give ultimate authority to the federal government. We just witnessed their constitutional authority with a recent court decision in SK.

Alberta is poised to crack the door to autonomy and will almost undoubtedly be joined by SK and at a later date MB and some or all of BC.
The Canadian borders are destined to be redrawn.


The first step to solving a problem is admitting there is a problem
Clearly, more than 50% of Albertans openly admit there is a problem with Alberta and Ottawa.

The second step to solving a problem is identifying the problem.

In 2014 it was estimated Alberta had 166 billion barrels of proven reserves.
If we take 166B, (proven reserves), X a reasonable price today of $50,00 per barrel of oil, you produce a dollar value of $8,300,000,000,000, (trillion in case the zeros are getting the better of you). This is the current value we have sitting in our oil sands.
The figure changes remarkably as the price of oil inches up.

The true 1%, the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers own most of the world banks, the US fed, finance every war on both sides, control the policies of the UN, and perhaps most importantly own most of the media.
These people have a mission to break Alberta and buy our assets for a few pennies on the dollar.

In a "table talk" presentation here are some considerations;
Why Canada?
Typically Canadians are complacent and prefer to always assume the better in a person and are more willing to turn the other cheek.
Canadians are not as defensive of Canada as the citizens in the US are of their country.
Drive through any US community and you'll notice US flags displayed on private property everywhere.
Canadians are not as rebellious as the US. therefore easier to control.
When was the last time we assassinated one of our leaders?

Imagine how overjoyed these in the 1% club must have been when they finally got a puppet elected!
And not just any puppet but actually their lowest level thinking puppet.
One who would swear an oath to citizens of a country to serve and protect the values of the nation then follow instructions from his masters and overturn and go against every rule of common sense.

How incredibly stupid does one need to be to cripple a homegrown industry, putting 100s of 1000s out of work? Then double down on stupidity and buy the same commodity from a foreign source and pay more for it? And then double down on the double down and claim the reason is for environmental responsibility, despite your country employing the cleanest oil recovery methods in the world.
Until the past 50 years or so, medical science told us a person could not be born this senseless and still live.

If this was the only issue Alberta faced we could perhaps overcome it.
However, the 1% also tapped into the low level, low information voter as well in the most populated areas of Canada. They've convinced these mentally challenged they have a leader who will bring a positive change to the country.
They now mirror the mindset of the greatest idiot of a Prime Minister they have ever elected. They make it impossible for a succession leader to introduce anything differently if they wish to remain employed.

The clock is ticking.
Alberta has two choices.
Either Alberta goes bankrupt and surrenders its will to Ottawa and the puppets who will follow the current sitting moron,
Albertans take a page from our American brothers and sisters and stand alone for what we believe in


To some secession may be a word they shy from but you’re encouraged to read the posts and understand why this must be accomplished. You're welcomed to check our resource page for more in depth information here; You will understand this is not out of spite, resentment or ill feeling toward our countrymen. Secession is essential to preserve our security and livelihood.

Our success will not be displayed by the member count, but rather by the participation and desire and will of every p